Country Rose Heart
Blue Basil Sachet

Country Rose Heart Blue Basil Sachet

Floral Dreams Country Rose hand painted sachets will make your room smell fresh and fragrant. Filled with premium quality Polyester Stuffing & all natural African Blue Basil leaf and flowers. Herbal Sachets can be used anywhere a fragrant breath of fresh air is needed. Gentle enough to scent any room of the house without being overpowering. Hang one in your closet or stash one in your car to combat odors with a all-natural solution and replace them with a light refreshing herbal fragrance. Product Measures approx. 7 inches wide at widest part and 7 inches tall. You can refresh this sachet with any scent of natural oils from your local health store. Just a few of drops of your favorite oil will last for weeks.

Country Rose Heart Blue Basil Sachets