Decoupage Plant Markers

The Peach Rose

The Peach Rose
by Floral Dreams.Net

Author: Eileen Bergen

Here's a quick and easy Spring decoupage project for yourself or friends who garden.


Prep surface: If you are using balsa wood, you may need to sand off any rough edges. Do so gently to avoid splintering the wood. Then wipe away any dust with a damp sponge.
Decide if you want a colored background. The balsa wood showing through is a nice look by itself. kind of like old-fashioned orange crates. If you want color, apply two coats of acrylic paint, allowing two hours drying time for each coat. If there are any rough spots, sand again; and wipe away any dust as before.

This is a great tip from Durwin Rice. If you are using images with color on both sides (like from a catalogue or magazine), soak each image in a small bowl of water until it stops curling and floats freely without wrinkles.This relaxes the paper fibers making it much easier to position the image cleanly on the decoupage glue/sealer. Images will slide easily into place and not be grabbed by the glue.

Liberally apply glue/sealer to the area for each image and slide the image into place. Gently smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles with your fingertips. Using a damp sponge, wipe over the image and around the edges to remove any stray glue. Repeat until all your images and plant names are in place.

Let dry thoroughly. Check for bubbles while they dry. If some develop, smooth gently. If they are already set, pierce with a pin or craft knife, then smooth. It won't even show when your piece is done.

Back (Optional):
Paint the back of each tag with two coats of acrylic paint.

Embellish (Optional): Use a wide nib pen to draw outlines, background patterns or border trims on the front. Run the pen around the edge to give a nice finished look.

Using a sponge brush, apply at least two coats of acrylic-based polyurethane. Since the markers will be exposed to the elements, three or four would be better. You?ll also see how additional coats add a special depth. Your markers will look as if you hand painted them!

Using appropriate glue or fasteners, attach each plant label tag to a stake.

About the author: Ms Bergen has had a varied career, first as a teacher and later, after getting a MBS degree, as a vice president of a major insurance company. She has been making and selling crafts for the last 8 years.